Oh, hell.

I have what is either an infected sublingual gland or cancer. (It’s like a big sore lump under my tongue.) All the medical info I can find suggests the former — sublingual glands occasionally get the equivalent of kidney stones that block them and fill them to bursting with saliva — which is sort of […]

Help Gregory Crosby

I got an email from my friend Gregory Crosby, erstwhile Las Vegas poet and current NYC teacher, asking for help — without getting too far into the personal details, it seems that someone he trusted very much abused his trust and defrauded him badly, smearing his own credit in the process. Now Gregory’s got two […]

I'm In Hell

A couple of clients not paying me, so I’m broke. Other clients flaking on promised work, so I haven’t got any more coming in immediately. Dude not moving out of the apartment I was supposed to move into, and not giving a timetable for doing so, so I’m actually literally homeless. I’m couch surfing at […]

Playing it by ear: a short interview with Jack Womack

Jack Womack is one of speculative fiction’s secret treasures. His 1995 novel Random Acts Of Senseless Violence is one of the most remarkable and emotionally affecting works I’ve ever read and the seed of my thinking about the whole Grim Meathook Future thing.It’s not science fiction, per se; it’s the story of how American civilization […]


I got a scooter today! My buddy Mike sold it to me, though he’s deferring payment until I’m a little less broke. (Yay!) It’s a black 49cc Schwinn (I didn’t know they made scooters either) and it’s surprisingly cool-looking. I mean, it’s not a Vespa, but it’s not total crap, either. I rode it from […]