Went for a long walk, looking for my friend Gary to find out exactly what happened to Barb. Couldn’t find him. Decided not to walk all the way to Starbucks, got a Diet Dr. Pepper from the 7-11 instead and came back home. Man, oh man. Barbara and I weren’t incredibly close, but I considered […]

Jesus hell.

Oh, man. I just found out my old friend Barbara Rollins committed suicide. I’m off the computer for the night. I’m gonna walk to all night Starbucks and get coffee. Don’t ask me any details; I don’t know anything other than that. God damnit.

I now officially have my Mojo working

So I’ve been unofficially doing this for a while, but now I can announce it officially: I am now the content director for MojoRepublik.If you live in Vegas (or attended Voodoo Experience in New Orleans), you know that Mojo is an online music-based social network/community. In Vegas, we’re mostly known for taking pictures at clubs […]

DIY Storage

A couple of years ago, I read an article online about a dude who bought a tiny house in Marin County — so tiny he didn’t really have space for all of his computer gear. So he got himself a wire bread rack, replaced the crappy plastic shelves with hardwood, and stored not only his […]

Oh hell, interlude

Topicane 4% lidocaine topical anaesthetic: $16.50 Disposable pocket scalpel: $0.69 Medical precision tweezers: $4.33 Sterile sutures: $10.00 Information from the Web on various procedures to remove stone from Wharton’s duct: free Not having to pay some retard doctor $2500 for an hour’s worth of simple surgical procedure? Priceless. [Update: No, I’m not really going to […]

Oh, Hell, part 2

So I definitely have a blocked sublingual gland. I’ve been alleviating the symptoms by…well, you don’t want to know. I seem to have a salivary calculus, or stone, in my sublingual gland under my tongue. I’ve been trying to dislodge it (which is ungodly painful), but I think it’s too big. (This just happens sometimes, […]