Oh, hell.

I have what is either an infected sublingual gland or cancer. (It’s like a big sore lump under my tongue.) All the medical info I can find suggests the former — sublingual glands occasionally get the equivalent of kidney stones that block them and fill them to bursting with saliva — which is sort of good, but it hurts like a sonofabitch when I eat (it’s like rubbing salt into a cut in your mouth) and I’m not sure what to do about it, other than bite the bullet and go to a doctor, who will either drain it or perform surgery to remove the gland (according to the Internets). Since I don’t have insurance, I’m not sure how this will work.

Goddamnit. Anybody know a cheap ear, nose and throat doctor in Vegas?

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  1. You can either try Vinnie DaRusso, who works out of his grandfather Nunzio’s garage in the Naked City, or Concilio Concepcion, a Filipino psychic surgeon who’s office is behind the 7-11 on 15th and Charleston.

    Just kiddin’ of course… I feel your pain. There’s Dr. Boyers who is pretty good. Lubritz is expensive. Maybe first go to a GP or internist for an opinion and a referral.

  2. I had a submandibular gland stone a few years ago. The doctor couldn’t do a damn thing about it but give me some pain killers. I just had to wait it out and the stone eventually passed through under my tongue. I’ll be honest, even with the pain pills it was the most awful pain I’ve ever had to go through.

  3. Had first episode of saliva stones about 7 years ago. EE&T doctor tried to remove the stones from my saliva duct and in doing so, “sliced” my saliva duct open to extract it and chose not to stitch it back up, leaving a much larger opening. The good news is that now, I am able to “massage” my saliva glands to help them drain easier. Drink lots of water as dehydration will bring on an “episode” or make it more likely that an infection will occur. I also take “Stone Free” an herbal support for kidney and gall bladder. The EE&T doctor told me that it is common for saliva stone sufferers to also get gallstones and/or kidney stones. I also have gall stones and find that when I eat correctly, to keep my gall bladder from becoming irritated my saliva stone problems also mellows out. If an infection sets in, it is important that you get some antibiotics asap. I waited too long the last time and ended up on Prednizone and antiobotics before it cleared up. The pain is excruciating and ended up at ER because the pain medication given to me was not strong enough. I always try alternative methods of healing, avoiding traditional medicine if possible. Checked w/my herbalist guru at our local health food store, who turned me on to the Stone Free about 3 years ago. He also suggested licorice root as it stimulates the saliva glands. My EE&T doctor said surgery could be done, but I opted to “live w/it”…and I also saw a specialist at UCSF who performs a laser procedure, which I was a candidate for (they checked to make sure it was in deed stones and not a tumor) but the procedure was over 18 grand and at the time the insurance that I had would not cover it. Even w/the procedure,the probability of them returning is very high as it is about “diet”! I have found that when I do a diet or detox diet for my gall bladder, it also helps the saliva stone situation as well. The doctor wanted to take my gall bladder out about 7 years ago but decided to change my eating habits, lose some weight and keep my gall bladder. Hope this info helps. h

  4. Hi, I live in the UK and found this article realy useful as I was rushed to hospital today after eating an orange and my face swelled rapidly. After ruling out an allergic reaction they believe it now to be a blocked saliva duct (Parotid). I’ve been given antibiotics and have to go back to ear,nose, throat if not resolved in 5 days. The pain is excrutiating and similar to mumps in symptom. Swollen around the ear and jaw. Eat anything and it gets hugely swollen and even more painful. I have been reading up on stones and wondered if there was a link between gall stones and this as I had gall stones 2 years ago and had my gall bladder removed. Fingers crossed this will be sorted as its miserable! I will try drinking lots of water and possibly the massage option too if I can take the pain. Thanks, Jen, UK

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