Get a rope.

This made me sick to my stomach this morning (go to about 2:42 on the timeline): In this clip, Representative Virginia Foxx (R – North Carolina) is arguing against H.R. 1913, a proposed bill that would expand the legal definition of hate crimes to include crimes based upon someone’s gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or […]

Random Thought Of The Day

It’s a terrible thing to watch Nathan Barley and feel all superior to those trendy new media assholes…and then suddenly realize that you’re watching Nathan Barley and feeling all superior to those trendy new media assholes whilst simultaneously editing together clips from the Prelinger archives to make videos for spoken word pieces about monsters. While […]

Oakland cop shoots cuffed prone suspect…on video

I am not an anti-police sort of person. I have a couple of friends who are police and, by large, they and their colleagues do as best they can in a thankless, difficult and probably traumatizing job. I think 95% or more of policework happens within boundaries which are tolerable by society. But then you […]

The Thought That Keeps Me Awake At Night…

…is that 100,000 years from now, when aliens discover the scattered remnants of what’s left of the human species, the dialogue’s going to go something like this. “Hey, Zerplax!” “Yes, Kiplorg?” “Check out this video the humans left.” “Okay, what am I…okay, there’s two girls, and…what are they eating?” “Just keep watching.”