At A Crossroads

So I’d like your advice, my dear Internet. I have a software project called dbasr that I’ve been working on for a while — several years, on and off, in fact. Weirdly enough, it’s actually probably more relevant and useful now than when I started it. I’ve rewritten the code base several times, but I […]

Christmas List

Here’s my Christmas list for this year, if anybody feels like buying me stuff. This is all wish-listy sort of stuff, I don’t really expect anybody to buy me anything. But if you’re feeling generous. Decent electric toothbrush Black Fisher “Bullet” Space Pen Lego Mindstorms NXT kit (really) Cheap Telecaster guitar Flip HD camera a […]

Where I'm going

So, as those of you who follow my Twitters know, I’ve been excited about something these past few days. Now, I think, I can talk about it. I can’t really tell you everything, for reasons which will become clear, but I can tell you a bit. I’ve been hired by a medical technology company to […]

Fuck 2008.

I’m glad to see the last of this year. It has not been awesome for me, mostly. Hopefully 2009 will be better — for me, and you, and everybody. (If your year was awesome, well — 2009 will be awesomer.) I’m really sad today, but I’m hopeful that I can be a better human and […]