You know what's awesome?

You know what’s awesome? Finding the right key to play David Bowie’s “Heroes” in…and then standing in your living room with an unplugged electric guitar at eight in the morning, pretending you’re playing the Reading Festival or Lollapalooza or something like that, shrieking “And we can be HEROOOOOES if just for one day!” at full […]


And on my way to the Coffee Bean (which isn’t actually open for another hour, but the manager’s letting me sit out front until they do open), the following songs on my iPod: The National, “Fake Empire“ Coldplay, “Don’t Panic“ The Pogues, “A Rainy Night In Soho“ U2, “A Sort Of Homecoming“ I felt much […]


For various reasons, I’m staying somewhere right now where I don’t have Internet access, barring the occasional access to some neighbor’s wifi. I’m at the Coffee Bean during the day, though, so I’m getting online. Just don’t expect to get in touch with me via e-mail at night and expect the usual quick response. I’m […]