Help Gregory Crosby

I got an email from my friend Gregory Crosby, erstwhile Las Vegas poet and current NYC teacher, asking for help — without getting too far into the personal details, it seems that someone he trusted very much abused his trust and defrauded him badly, smearing his own credit in the process.

Now Gregory’s got two weeks until his paycheck and he’s in dire need of rent, or else he’s going to lose his place. He’s trying to raise $1000.

I’m not in any position to help him right now, as regular readers probably guessed, but if you know Gregory, you might want to get in contact with him at doctorgogol (at) yahoo (dot) com and help him out if you can.

I can personally vouch for Gregory — this isn’t some lazy person panhandling on the Web, but a good guy who’s gotten into a bad situation not of his own making. I think we’ve all been there before.

So help him out if you can.

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  1. yo, you know i live in nyc. and i know gregory a bit from past interactions. give him my email address, while i can t offer money, i could offer shelter in case things go real bad. where is he teaching?


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