I now officially have my Mojo working

So I’ve been unofficially doing this for a while, but now I can announce it officially: I am now the content director for MojoRepublik.If you live in Vegas (or attended Voodoo Experience in New Orleans), you know that Mojo is an online music-based social network/community. In Vegas, we’re mostly known for taking pictures at clubs and events and posting them on the site.

As content director, I’m hoping to make Mojo as good as any music-based news and info site out there, if not better. And I’m starting with the Daily Mojo, our music blog. I’ll be posting new music, events, news and info there daily — in fact, I’ll probably be posting any music-related stuff I’d otherwise be posting here over there. I’m limited in the sense that I’m one dude with 24 hours a day in which to post stuff (along with my other work), but as time goes on, we’ll be expanding.

So check it out and let me know what you think, and sign up for the site while you’re there. It makes me look good. 😉

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