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Money. Goddamnit.

Just wrote a long letter to a family friend asking for advice on raising a small bit of money to keep me afloat until I can finish Stikki.me. Now it’s 3 am and I’m sitting here, spooked, and hoping the … Continue reading

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So I’ve been under the weather recently. About two weeks ago, I started having a weird sensation in my chest. It felt like my heart was leaping, the way it does when you go over the curve on a rollercoaster … Continue reading

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At A Crossroads

So I’d like your advice, my dear Internet. I have a software project called dbasr that I’ve been working on for a while — several years, on and off, in fact. Weirdly enough, it’s actually probably more relevant and useful … Continue reading

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Christmas List

Here’s my Christmas list for this year, if anybody feels like buying me stuff. This is all wish-listy sort of stuff, I don’t really expect anybody to buy me anything. But if you’re feeling generous. Decent electric toothbrush Black Fisher … Continue reading

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Where I'm going

So, as those of you who follow my Twitters know, I’ve been excited about something these past few days. Now, I think, I can talk about it. I can’t really tell you everything, for reasons which will become clear, but … Continue reading

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Show: Saturday, Mar. 14th, 7pm @ Arts Factory, Las Vegas, NV

(Got the weekday wrong on the last post, sorry.)

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Where I've Been

Sorry I haven’t updated in so very long. The long and short is: I’ve been (and am still) very, very busy. I can finally, hopefully, pay my bills, but I am working all the time now. I am: Doing web … Continue reading

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My Valentine's Present from Andi

Shut up shut up shut up shut up.

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Fuck 2008.

I’m glad to see the last of this year. It has not been awesome for me, mostly. Hopefully 2009 will be better — for me, and you, and everybody. (If your year was awesome, well — 2009 will be awesomer.) … Continue reading

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Shopping Is A Feeling

This is a clip from the 1986 film True Stories, which was filmed in my hometown. This is the Golden Triangle Mall in Denton, Texas, which was “my” mall as a child. I love watching this, ’cause it reminds me … Continue reading

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