Party Tomorrow

If you’re one of my friends who doesn’t do MySpace and I haven’t seen, I’m having a belated 30th birthday party tomorrow night at Alex and Laurenn’s apartment complex pool! Around 7pm, BYOB or food, but no glass containers, since it’s at the pool. Call me if you need directions.

Birfday Weekend

Monday is my 30th birthday. I am not particularly happy about this. I was too busy to arrange a party, I have no money, and I’m a total loser who still lives with my parents and has yet to make a million dollars, release an album, or do anything of any real consequence for the […]

Fuck This Shit

I’ve got work to do on my portfolio and a work-related project…but my shoulder hurts and I’ve got a bad headache and I just don’t really fucking care very much about anything right now. I’m closing the laptop, and I’m going to watch movies until I fall asleep.

Great Googly Moogly

Christ. My rotator cuff is trashed. I can barely lift my arm above the shoulder, it keeps spazzing out on me randomly and going in the wrong directions, and it feels like somebody took a sledgehammer to my clavicle. It’s hot to the touch, and every time I move my arm my rotator cuff pops […]