Oh, hell.

I have what is either an infected sublingual gland or cancer. (It’s like a big sore lump under my tongue.) All the medical info I can find suggests the former — sublingual glands occasionally get the equivalent of kidney stones that block them and fill them to bursting with saliva — which is sort of good, but it hurts like a sonofabitch when I eat (it’s like rubbing salt into a cut in your mouth) and I’m not sure what to do about it, other than bite the bullet and go to a doctor, who will either drain it or perform surgery to remove the gland (according to the Internets). Since I don’t have insurance, I’m not sure how this will work.

Goddamnit. Anybody know a cheap ear, nose and throat doctor in Vegas?


Sarah Palin: the pre-MILF years

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


This May Be Useful Someday

Am I the only person who thinks it might be useful to print out this step-by-step guide to landing a 747 and keep it in your carry-on, just in case?

(Yeah. ‘Cause that wouldn’t make security nervous at the airport. I mean, after all, it’s a guide to landing the plane, not flying it into an office building….)


I Weep For These People.

Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) on the horror of tech conference panels:

My first reaction was that in the greater scheme of things (economy in free fall, war in Iraq, global warming, energy crisis, not to mention the old reliables like cancer and poverty and AIDS, etc.) this challenge of finding a good restaurant seems like a fairly trivial and unimportant problem for our big geek brains to be trying to solve. If I were funding these guys I might go home scratching my head about what those kids are doing with all of my millions. Maybe there is a point to what they’re doing, but honestly, what great problem are these companies trying to solve? Sitting there watching this spectacle — watching these guys unable to simply explain what they do and and how they are going to make a business out of it – it was staggering to think that someone has entrusted these people with very large sums of money. But someone has. I weep for those people.

This is the sort of thing I pissed people off by saying at the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin in ’06. It’s maybe even more valid now than it was then.


This Week: Guest Column In CityLife

I’ve written a guest column for CityLife this week, about Las Vegas’s Towbin Hummer dealership transforming into Towbin Smart (and Vespa). Don’t read it if you drive a Humvee; it’s just gonna piss you off.


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ul class=”delicious”li div class=”delicious-link”a href=”http://thelewespound.org/”The Lewes Pound/a/div div class=”delicious-extended”The town of Lewes, East Sussex, England has created their own local currency, accepted by many local businesses…but not local chains. The idea is to promote local businesses and to keep people thinking about things like the lowered carbon footprint of buying locally produced goods. Plus, it#039;s a really lovely banknote./div div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=”http://delicious.com/jzellis/futurism”futurism/a a href=”http://delicious.com/jzellis/currency”currency/a a href=”http://delicious.com/jzellis/economics”economics/a a href=”http://delicious.com/jzellis/sustainability”sustainability/a)/div /li/ul


Major Apple filesystem problem

Can somebody please fucking explain to me why the Finder would simply stop copying files without throwing an error? I was backing up all my project files because I needed big space on my laptop for video editing. It said the copy was done, I opened the folder, everything looked okay, I erased the files off my hard drive.

Today I discovered that, in fact, no folder with a name after ‘P’ got copied. It just stopped, no alert, no explanation. When I opened the folder to verify, I just looked and saw that all the subfolders and everything seemed to be there, so I didn’t notice, because I didn’t scroll down in the window.

I’m so fucked.


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I have written the nerdiest rock song ever.


(by Joshua Ellis)

I lost my girlfriend I don’t know where she went She said she had to go back to her ride She said that her energy was spent

And maybe she’s in Brinstar And maybe she’s in Crateria And maybe she’s in Norfair She’s always acting so superior

She’s a supergirl

Yeah, I can’t take my girlfriend I can’t take her anywhere She’s always killing monsters And complaining about her hair

And maybe she’s in Sunnydale She spends all her time at the library I never never understood What she sees in a boy like me

She’s a supergirl

I can’t find my girlfriend Even though I keep calling her name She left me in an endless maze These twisty passages are all the same

And maybe she’s in the forest Maybe she’s underground Maybe she’s with that skinny guy He’s always hanging around

Yeah, she’s a supergirl