I have written the nerdiest rock song ever.


(by Joshua Ellis)

I lost my girlfriend I don’t know where she went She said she had to go back to her ride She said that her energy was spent

And maybe she’s in Brinstar And maybe she’s in Crateria And maybe she’s in Norfair She’s always acting so superior

She’s a supergirl

Yeah, I can’t take my girlfriend I can’t take her anywhere She’s always killing monsters And complaining about her hair

And maybe she’s in Sunnydale She spends all her time at the library I never never understood What she sees in a boy like me

She’s a supergirl

I can’t find my girlfriend Even though I keep calling her name She left me in an endless maze These twisty passages are all the same

And maybe she’s in the forest Maybe she’s underground Maybe she’s with that skinny guy He’s always hanging around

Yeah, she’s a supergirl

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  1. But, much as I like this, I have to take exception to the ‘nerdiest ever’ description.

    Compare to, oh, the entire oeuvre of an artist like Tom Smith.

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