Random Thought Of The Day

What is the smallest possible yield for a nuclear explosive? In other words, what’s the smallest possible mass required to become critical? Could you build a nuclear bomb with the explosive force of a grenade, for example? I understand generally how a nuclear fission reaction occurs, and I’m guessing that the answer has to do […]

Why We're All Going To Die Next Tuesday

In the past, large pharmaceutical companies were the primary sources of antibiotic research. But many of these companies have abandoned the field. “Eli Lilly and Company developed the first cephalosporins,” Moellering told me, referring to familiar drugs like Keflex. “They developed a huge number of important anti-microbial agents. They had incredible chemistry and incredible research […]

Ha! Ha ha ha ha!

So, regarding those last couple of posts on quantum physics and the shape of the universe…there must have been a couple of you who thought I was either going off the deep end or completely full of shit and throwing out pseudoscience like a retard. May I suggest you turn to page 42 of the […]

4-dimensional manifolds and n-dimensional objects

Re: that last piece of rambling…I did some research this afternoon. To rephrase my earlier statements: my conjecture is that the universe is a four-dimensional manifold that has Euclidean neighborhoods, but which itself exists inside of a non-Euclidean n-dimensional set (n being an unknown number higher than four). Quanta are n-dimensional objects that pass through […]

Random Thought Of The Day

Quantum entanglement: it occurred to me today that the only ways quantum entanglement works is if a) space-time is a four-dimensional object that is folded around itself in n-dimensional space (n being a number higher than four), and what appear to be two entangled quanta are not actually four-dimensional particles but a single y-dimensional (y […]