4-dimensional manifolds and n-dimensional objects

Re: that last piece of rambling…I did some research this afternoon.

To rephrase my earlier statements: my conjecture is that the universe is a four-dimensional manifold that has Euclidean neighborhoods, but which itself exists inside of a non-Euclidean n-dimensional set (n being an unknown number higher than four). Quanta are n-dimensional objects that pass through a four-dimensional manifold at multiple points. Within that four-dimensional manifold, these objects are represented as multiple discrete objects that do not coincide within the manifold, though they may coincide in n-dimensional space. The state of this n-dimensional quanta is always internally consistent, but since it cannot be seen as a single object within that manifold, it appears to be multiple non-coinciding objects with non-local coherence.

Does that make more sense? 🙂

(I’m still not sure if I’m explaining this properly. If you’re a physicist or a topologist, it would be great if you could contact me via the contact form and explain which bits of this sound like complete nonsense. It’s not, I assure you, but I may be using the wrong terminology for what I’m trying to convey.)

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  1. Let me get this straight: You’re suggesting that we only experience four dimensions. We move in height, breadth, depth and time. Other objects (or whatever) also inhabit and move in four dimensions, but not always the same four. So … a particle could move in one of its dimensions (that we are not aware of) and thus pass through two points in what we know as time, or two points in what we know as depth … thus really confusing the hell out of us whilst going about its daily business.

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