If you’ve emailed me or sent me a MySpace message, I got it while I was gone, but I didn’t respond to anything, since I almost never had access with my laptop and Turkish keyboards are laid out completely differently. (They have two letter I’s, which is amusing when your last name is ‘Ellis’. I […]


There are dudes out front of my hotel here in Frankfurt that appear to be neo-Nazi skinheads — shaved heads, leather jackets with ‘DEMONIC PROBE’ written on them. I’m fighting the urge to put on my leather jacket and my stomping boots and roll down there, singing “Right In Der Fuhrer’s Face” by Spike Jones […]

Flickr pics

You did know I was posting all my Turkey pics to my Flickr account, right? I’ll title them all later. Right now I’m on time-limited stupid T-Mobile Europe hotspot access in Frankfurt. Plus I’m lazy. I will have video as well. Plus an actual travel essay, but not here. Somewhere else. I can’t talk about […]

Still Alive

I’m in my friend Mehmet’s carpet shop in Göreme, in Cappadocia. I’m leaving on the night bus to Istanbul (how fucking romantic-sounding is that?) in a couple of hours. Cappadocia is amazing. This whole trip has been amazing. I have billions of pics and videos. I will be in Istanbul tomorrow and Frankfurt tomorrow night, […]

The Edge of Europe.

Istanbul is beautiful in a way that’s hard to describe. Imagine if you took Rio, filled it with broken bits of every civilization since the Hittites, and then plunked it down in place of San Francisco. I got off the plane and took the Metro to…well, somewhere or other. I got lost and confused, and […]

In Frankfurt

I’m in Frankfurt, in the Hotel Europa, where I stayed last year. (I like this hotel very much.) Here is what I see out my window: Long trip, and I’m leaving for Istanbul tomorrow morning very early. So I’m not up to much here tonight — Joe and I went shopping and met up with […]