In Frankfurt

I’m in Frankfurt, in the Hotel Europa, where I stayed last year. (I like this hotel very much.)

Here is what I see out my window:


Long trip, and I’m leaving for Istanbul tomorrow morning very early. So I’m not up to much here tonight — Joe and I went shopping and met up with the lovely Ginger Wang (a friend and colleague of ours). Joe gave me his old Nokia e61i phone, which I used to take that picture, and we also picked up a Bluetooth GPS unit to go with it — I’m gonna try and figure out if I can download maps to it, and — failing that — if I can use the Nokia GPS with the Macbook. I really like this Nokia on short notice — it’s got wifi capability, so I can use it even without a SIM card. It’s got the weird German QWERTZ keyboard though, which is kinda funny.

And I had Iskender kebab in a Turkish restaurant, which made me immensely happy. It’s colder than hell here, easily fifty degrees (Fahrenheit, thank you, Vanessa) colder than Vegas. But I love it. I like Frankfurt more and more every time I come here. It’s not as cool as Berlin, but it’s still an interesting city.


Off to take a hot goddamn shower. I’ll try to blog from Istanbul, when I figure out where I’m going to be.

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