RecommendaWeb: Cool Places In Istanbul?

As I’ve said, I’m leaving for Turkey this Friday, and I’m wondering if the Interwebs have any recommendations for cool places to hang out in Istanbul?

Note the wording, here: cool places to hang out. I’m aware of the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, both of which I’ve visited before (albeit twenty years ago), and I’ll be duly checking them out. I’m talking brilliant food, great bars, awesome coffee shops, underground nightclubs with good music, record shops, etc. etc.

Got anything for me?

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  1. HEY JOSHUA! i was checking for cool places in istambul and found your blog. by the way no one helped you out! but i am curious to know if you did go, and if you managed to find cool places around the city….. if yes, do you reccomend any places? i would love to know!

    thanks a bunch, Camila

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