Nicotine and Bacteria

(The title doesn’t mean anything, it’s just from a Bloc Party song that’s repeating in my head.)

I need to buy more pants tomorrow. Wanna know why? Because I’m down to a size 40 waist, from a maximum a couple of years ago of 46. And I’m down to XL t-shirts (from 3x) and 2x button-downs (from 4x). (The exception are “athletic fit” button-downs, which are too tight both across my stomach and my shoulders. I couldn’t fit in them no matter how thin I got. I’m just built like a linebacker.)

The pants I’m wearing right now quite literally won’t stay up without notching my belt all the way to the last hole…and even then they’re a bit loose. It’s not a fashion issue or anything like that at all — I look like I’m wearing oversized clothes. Many of my older shirts now hang down near my knees.

I’m very happy about this.

Also, Joe Hill’s book Heart Shaped Box is really, really good. It reminds me of the bits I really liked about Poppy Z. Brite’s early horror fiction, and not the bits I didn’t. (The fact that he’s Stephen King’s son is totally irrelevant. He doesn’t write like his father. He writes like himself.)

That’s all — just popping in with some randomness.

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