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Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Mondo 2000: Where Are they Now? So, what made Mondo 2000 so special? It was, in my opinion, the best alternative culture magazine that America ever had. They wrote about smart drugs, brain implants, virtual reality, cyberpunk, Cthulhupunk and cryogenics. They covered Laibach and Lydia Lunch in the same issue. […]

Pushing Daisies…

…is officially my new favorite TV show. It’s from Bryan Fuller, who did Dead Like Me, which used to be my favorite show, until it got cancelled. It’s about a guy who can quite inexplicably make dead people come alive again. But if he touches them again, they die; and if he doesn’t touch them […]

Well, this is gonna be a fun trip :-)

Turk PM confirms plan to allow operation in Iraq – Yahoo! News ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan confirmed on Wednesday his government was drawing up plans to authorize a military incursion into northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels using the region as a base. “(Preparations on the proposal) have started and are […]