Out Of Nature: Autumn 1

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This is a Flash piece I wrote last night. I took photographs of the flowers in my front yard, and then brought them into Illustrator and ran Live Trace on them (converting the image into vector form). I then separated out twenty of the most interesting shapes, brought them into Flash and made them movie clips, and then made outline versions of each one.

The Actionscript randomly places the forms around the canvas. This has several thousand iterations — I let it run at 60 frames per second for roughly fifteen minutes. I then saved it as a PostScript file, brought it into Illustrator, and did some cleanup. This is a very small version of an extremely detailed larger render.

I think this is very beautiful. I want to find out how much it would cost to make 11 x 17 prints, and then sell unique prints, letting the engine run to create a new piece each time.

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