Sleeping In Flame

Those of you who’ve paid attention may know that I have a song called “Sleeping In Flame”, which is, I think, the best song I’ve written. You might also know that I’ve recorded, like, five versions of it, because I could never get it quite right.

I got it quite right. Sitting here in Thom’s apartment at three in the morning last night, I plugged his Stratocaster into something called a Peavey Valverb (which does tremolo and reverb), and it sounded exactly right. So I did four guitar tracks, and tonight whilst at a barbecue I dropped in drums and a synth pad. And it’s perfect, exactly the way I hear it in my head. Minus lead guitar and vocal and maybe some piano, but it’s there.

I really want to finish recording it so I can share it with you.

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