Recent Neologisms

Douchelganger – Your douchebag twin. Someone who looks exactly like you, except they have frosted tips on their hair and they wear oversized Versace shades and Volcom shirts and they have sleeve tattoos with stars on their elbows and they call everybody “bra”. May be located anywhere in the world, but most often found in Southern California, the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, and the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Bromance – When two straight men meet and instantly bond, usually over something like video games or cars. (Ex.: “Dude, Bill and Mike are having a total bromance over Shoot ‘Em Up.”)

Gyrotrash – Those creepy Eastern European dudes with visible body hair and inappropriate suits who hang out at clubs trying to pick up girls half their age. Usually the scions of discount furniture or illegal weapons fortunes.

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