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Okay, so I’ve been going on the assumption that I was going to call the album Travelogues. But the more I think about it, that makes it sound like something of a concept album, which it’s not. It also sounds like some sort of world-music thing, which it kind of is, but not really at all.

So I’ve been thinking about retitling the album Architectures And Empires, after a line from “When You Get Here” (“Architecture and empire / Nothing’s built to last”). It’s a grandiose title, but fuck it — it’s a grandiose album. And personally, I’d be more likely to pick up an album called Architectures And Empires by a band called Red State Soundsystem than an album called Travelogues.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I’m inclined to agree with you.
    I like Architectures and Empires.
    I feel like those words have a lot more room for interpretation in them.

  2. Another vote for A + E

  3. It’s definitely an improvement, but perhaps ‘Architectures of Empires’, (or maybe drop one of the plurals) would be even better?

  4. How about just “SPQR”… kind of a solipsistic reference, plus it alludes to an Empire.

  5. “American Heart War.”

  6. I kinda like “Kitty’s Basking in the Sunlight.” Sounds so warm and comfortable.

    Or maybe “Karma Is what Karma Does.” Very profound. Oh, no, wait, that’s my puppy–not an album. KIDDING, Josh!!!

    Josh, seriously, just name it the three strongest words that come to you when you sit down with a cup of coffee on a Sunday afternoon. And, from your old, lost aunt and from a marketing perspective, think of someone looking for it online or at a kiosk at a record store and not knowing how to spell the words–make it simple to remember. And keep it from the letters that pop up with the most names in a music search. L-Love comes to mind. So have the first name be so unique–the first word in that search. Then let the rest tell the story (the subhead). Something like “Skirting Existence: Architectures of Empires” Skirting implies 1) skirts–women–bootie calls; 2) avoidance of the norm and 3) bypassing the standards of any Empire and any architecture. Or something like “Zen of a New Empire” The Zen pulls you up on the alphabet with the Z. The sentence applies you have a new way to build a better existence. The memory is perfect.

    Just some thoughts. I realize I know nothing about naming albums but i bet I know a bit about marketing one!

    Take care, Josh–aunt jac

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