Baby detained, dies in Honolulu airport – Life-

Baby detained, dies in Honolulu airport – Life-

Delegate Eni Faleomavaega has asked the Department of Homeland Security to begin an investigation into death of 14-day-old Michael Tony Futi last Friday. The baby had been flown to Honolulu for emergency heart surgery. He died while detained inside a customs’ room at the Honolulu airport with his mother and a nurse.

The best part about this? Al-Qaeda doesn’t even have to kill our children anymore. We’re doing it for them.

You wanna see a terrorist, look at that stupid prick in the White House. Look at the stupid prick at the end of the customs line, some fucking semi-literate moron who only took a job keeping America safe from Samoan babies because they weren’t hiring down at the Waffle Hut.

I wish I could get past this hate I have, but man, I just can’t. A fucking baby. I want to tie the guy who did that down and pour boiling water down his throat and sing “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” until his trachea falls out like an overcooked hot dog.

God, what an ugly country this is now.

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  1. If you worry about how angry you feel, remember there is such a thing as righteous anger. Jesus (literally), where the hell is the blowup, where are the riots and protests? Is anyone blogging about this? There is no ‘comments’ section on the MSNBC piece. There I was, quietly listening to some old sound clips of Borges reading his own stuff, of some long-dead actor reading Sor Juana de la Cruz, reading St. Theresa of Avila, thinking of all that’s good and decent that this sorry race has ever done and I thought I’d go check your blog before walking the pit demons . . . I think Il get stoned and run around . . .


  2. The real assholes are the dumbshit security grunts in customs who decided to do this. They’re allowed to exercise discretion. They just chose not to because they’re drunk with whatever power the TSA chose to give them.

  3. Gomez, the culprit is also the system itself, which allows such fuck-ups to exist, and this culture of reducing human beings to peons to thrive.

    BTW, I worked in the House in the same hall as Del. Faleomavaega. He’s a nice guy and I’m sure he’ll fight for this family.

  4. Thanks for the anger, there isn’t enough of it out there. Do some more digging and find the article that states the plane landed at 5:30 am and the baby died at 5:50 am. The baby wasn’t detained for hours on end. This was just a tragic outcome to a sad situation.

  5. Your sarcasm is awesome. But I’ve been wrong before, so I did some more digging, as you suggested.

    “Luaipou Futi and a nurse banged on the locked door and begged for medical help for Futi’s 14-day-old son, Michael Tony Futi, who had flown to Honolulu Feb. 15 from American Samoa for heart surgery and was becoming distressed in the warm room. Michael died hours later at Moanalua Medical Center.” — The Honolulu Advertiser

    “After a half-hour in the warm, locked room, the baby suffered respiratory failure, Fried said. Airport paramedics responded at 6:10 a.m. and administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation. An ambulance took Michael to Kaiser Medical Center at Moanalua, where he was pronounced dead. Autopsy results have been deferred pending further studies, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.” — Star-Bulletin

    Wow, that doesn’t sound like he died 20 minutes later. It sounds like they locked them up for quite a while, instead of allowing them to take the baby to the hospital directly out of the gate, and the baby died.

    But you’re right. Why be angry? Our awesome government is keeping us safe from The Bad, Evil Terrorists.

    Next time you decide to leave a snarky comment on my blog, kitten, check your fucking facts.

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