Your Advice: Organization For A Profoundly Disorganized Man

So, um, I didn’t kill anybody last night. Or get drunk. In fact, I decided to get my bedroom clean and neat and organized.

Some personal details here: I live, at the moment, with my parents, for complicated reasons, primarily financial. This means I live in a bedroom smaller than any of the ones I had in high school. However, I am not in high school; I am, mostly, an adult, which means I have stuff now. I have a lot of stuff. I’ve gotten rid of even more stuff. And will continue to get rid of stuff. Most of this stuff seems to consist of black t-shirts, books and obscure cabling. And I never have time to organize any of it, or do anything other than just throw stuff in there when it gets in my family’s way.

Consequently, my bedroom looks like this:

What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered.

So I got a shelf and some little canvas boxes and I’m trying to get everything organized and put away so that I can get to it when I need it and ignore it when I don’t.

Here’s the problem: I am mad hella crazy disorganized, as a person. I recognize this as a problem. So how does one force oneself to become a totally anal clean freak type? Is it possible? Any books, techniques, ideas?

Or do I just throw away anything I can’t move in a compact car? (I’ve considered that. Jury’s out. And there’s no way I’m tossing out my books. I love my books.)

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