Random C-List Celebrity Sighting

Weirdest “celebrity” sighting I’ve ever had: tonight, in the parking lot of the Coffee Bean, I was talking to my friend Jennifer when a car drove through the parking lot driven by Michael J. Anderson, whom you probably know as either the backwards-talking dwarf from Twin Peaks or Samson from HBO’s series Carnivale. I recognized him immediately — he’s pretty striking, as he’s extremely short, and he doesn’t have the sort of general similarities to his features that many little people have (because he doesn’t actually have dwarfism, but another bone disorder).

He was just driving a blue car. He drove by really slow, pulled up to the laundromat, paused for about thirty seconds, and then drove away. I have no idea what he was doing. But I made eye contact with him, and it was definitely Michael J. Anderson, unless there’s another dude of that general age, height and appearance wandering around America, which I find rather unlikely.

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