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SFC William H. Ruth of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division, is a bad motherfucker.

“Please forward this to the proper channels. I have read Stephen Hawking’s latest remarks on space travel and the importance of it to human survival. The problem is, NASA is going about it all the wrong way. Here is an idea: Send battle-hardened, strong-minded soldiers and marines on the long trips into space. We are conditioned to live with the bare minimal (of) life’s necessities and are trained to be prepared for … the worst conditions that any environment could throw at us. Hell, me and my men will go, set up a colony somewhere and await colonists to arrive. Me and most of my men are on our 3rd or 4th deployment into a combat area. We are scouts, reconnaissance specialists. We go before everyone else and spend time living off the land. Sounds just like the type of men needed for a long colonization journey. Please pass this message on to anyone you know in the space program. (T)here are many men already trained and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the human race. Thank you for you time. SFC Ruth, 101st Airborne Division. Afghanistan”

Good luck with that, buddy. And remember the first rule of space soldiering: when in doubt, nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Currently Listening: 04-29-08

  • Joe Pug — his “Hymn 101″ is gorgeous. Reminds me of Dylan, Springsteen and early David Grey. Definitely worth the free download.
  • The Black Keys, Attack And Release — Like the White Stripes, but I like this better. More bluesy.
  • Sally Shapiro, Disco Romance — I heard the Holy Fuck remix of “Find My Soul” and really like it, so I’m listening to the original album. Not sure what to think of it yet — I think I dig it.
  • MGMT, Oracular Spectacular — “Time To Pretend” is the best single I’ve heard this year. Album is pretty good, too.
  • Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.


Motivational Poster.



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From The Proceedings Of The Old Bailey, 29 April, 1747

Q. to Joshua Ellis . What have you to say against the Prisoner at the Bar? Ellis. On the 24th of March last, in the Evening, I was coming from Leaden-hall , this Man, the Prisoner, was behind me, and I felt his Hand in my Pocket; immediately I turned round and said, You Rogue, you have picked my Pocket.

Exactly 231 years before I was born, to the day, a man with my name had his pocket picked whilst coming from Leadenhall Market.

I find that neat.


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This Goober Is My New Hero

There’s nothing on earth more awesome than a goober shooting dildos out of a spud gun via the chemical magic of Lidocaine.

For years, I’ve wanted to make a spud gun that fired Coke cans full of concrete.

You could fuck some shit up with that.


ScarJo and DaveBo doing Tom Waits

Here we have Scarlett Johannson and David Bowie covering Tom Wait’ “Falling Down”, from Ms. Johannson’s new album Anywhere I Lay My Head, which is an entire album (minus one original) of Tom Waits songs.

I’m personally not interested in the debate about actors making music. Waits is a musician who acts in movies. Nick Cave writes movies (and novels and lectures). Some actors are actually good musicians: I really like Brittney Murphy’s singing voice a lot.

But I was surprised by this. I didn’t expect such an icy, Nico-style reworking of the song. I think I like it, but I’m not sure yet. It’s gonna take a few listens.

What do you think?