Your Advice: Organization For A Profoundly Disorganized Man

So, um, I didn’t kill anybody last night. Or get drunk. In fact, I decided to get my bedroom clean and neat and organized. Some personal details here: I live, at the moment, with my parents, for complicated reasons, primarily financial. This means I live in a bedroom smaller than any of the ones I […]

Sometimes You Just Want The Night To Be Over.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the nature of depression, following Heath Ledger’s death. (Though now it appears that he may not have killed himself after all, which makes me deeply regret my earlier comments, though they were made out of a heartfelt anger that someone as talented as Ledger, with a small child, […]

Many Worlds

Stranger than fiction: parallel universes beguile science –, Philippine News for Filipinos Is the universe — correction: “our” universe — no more than a speck of cosmic dust amid an infinite number of parallel worlds? A staple of mind-bending science fiction, the possibility of multiple universes has long intrigued hard-nosed physicists, mathematicians and cosmologists […]