Message Tape–Pixel– Better Living Through Design

Over at her excellent design blog Better Living Through Design, my old, old friend Kris Bernard posts about pixel message tape for custom LED-style ticker messages. Basically, you mark out the white “LEDs” with a Sharpie to write messages. I’d hook mine up to a looping motorized spindle and put it in my window, so […]

Quote Of The Day

Heather Havrilesky talks to George Carlin | Salon Arts & Entertainment The meaning of life is life itself. It has its own rationale. I think it [began] spontaneously from a number of chemical and electrical processes, coming together — it seems that that’s a fair theory that I’ve read, the other ones are harder to […]

This Is Either A Complete Fabrication

…or the greatest news story ever. A pair of twins — who are also gay porn stars, apparently sometimes with each other, and one of them is also apparently some kind of drug-dealing ninja — are arrested for breaking into a hair salon and a wing joint…by hacking through the roof. Turns out they’ve been […]