Get a rope.

This made me sick to my stomach this morning (go to about 2:42 on the timeline): In this clip, Representative Virginia Foxx (R – North Carolina) is arguing against H.R. 1913, a proposed bill that would expand the legal definition of hate crimes to include crimes based upon someone’s gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or […]

Tod Goldberg: 25 Random Things I Hate About Fucktards On Facebook I Don't Know In The Least But Who, Nonetheless, Are My "Friends"

Word. WORD. T-Go knocks one out of the park. (And unlike the rest of the fucktards, I actually know T-Go, which is why I know that he loves it when I call him T-Go, despite the fact that nobody else does and I’ve never done it before right this second, but it’s still awesome to […]