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  1. I have great respect for this man and also for Rosa Parks. It’s a damn shame we have these bums today running around making money in their name by twisting the cause they stood for.

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson to name a couple.

    And those morons in Oakland California marching in honor of that black pedophile cop killer who raped a 12 year old girl – calling him a hero!

    I mean what the fuck!

    I understand the outrage over the BART shooting on New Year’s, but I’m sorry… killing 4 cops in cold blood is not justified by that.

    The fact that this guy raped a 12 yr old girl before murdering 4 cops and these people are marching calling him a “hero for young black people across America”? That’s just sick.

    Trust me on this one… Dr. MLK would never support such a scumbag. He would never take part in such a march. And he if he were alive today, he would be speaking out against Planned Parenthood just as his neice does.

    By today’s standards, MLK would not be as liberal as people might think. I doubt he’s even support Obama.

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