Random Thought

This is from something else I’m writing, but it didn’t fit, so I’m throwing it out here: A sort of inverse version of Metcalfe’s Law is that any node that is not part of a network loses value proportionally as the network gains nodes. A computer without Internet access was no big deal when the Internet had a hundred computers on […]

Corollary thoughts on auditory AR/ambient stuff

Many years ago I read about a dude who’d converted Unix server logs into a real-time auditory environment — specifically, a rain forest. Server load controlled the level of the rain, CGI calls were bird chirps, potential malicious attacks were the cough of a jaguar, etc. Sadly, I can’t find any info on this anymore. […]

An open letter to the Web/HTML job post area of Las Vegas Craigslist.

[I originally tried to actually post this to the “Web/HTML/info job listings” area of lasvegas.craigslist.org, but I had to fill out a thing and verify another thing, and screw it. So it’s here instead.] I’m sorry, but I’ve been reading this area of Craigslist for years now and I feel like I ought to say […]

I need help with an algorithm

So I’m finally building out Stikki.me’s advertising system, and I’ve realized I might need some help with a geometric sorting algorithm. Stikki’s advertising is geographically-based; an advertiser “sponsors” a location — most likely the real-world location of their business — with an ad, and users see that ad if they’re within a given radius of […]