Why I love Wikipedia

From the entry for Skeletor, He-Man’s mortal enemy (and don’t ask me why I was reading Skeletor’s entry on Wikipedia):

Although Skeletor can clearly hear, he has (virtually) never been depicted as having ears. He does seem to have a sense of smell though, as he is shown in the 2002 MYP series attempting to block his nose when Stinkor appears before him to beg a boon, which has some logic as his skull would still have nasal passages permitting him to breathe, if he in fact still needs to. Ironically, when shown as Keldor in flashbacks from the 2002 cartoon, the character’s distinctive nasal voice (a sound-alike of Alan Oppenheimer‘s original portrayal) is markedly less nasal than as Skeletor, despite actually having a nose. US Olympic swim champion Michael Phelps has stated his plans to be a full-time skeletor in his post-olympic career.

Ah, crowdsourcing.

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