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My parents gave me a $15 iTunes gift card for my birthday back in March. I don’t buy AAC music from the iTunes Store, so to be honest I kinda forgot until I found it in my wallet and decided to rent a movie tonight. I got Starship Troopers, which I’d actually never seen. (I know, I know.)

Video quality was perfectly fine, though it stuttered and stopped working about 21 minutes in, which seemed to be because I had Firefox open with a bunch of tabs. I killed it and had no more problems. It streamed faster than it played, which was cool, though I gave it about five minutes after commencing download before I hit play.

All in all, I like the experience, and I’ll probably rent more movies this way. My only complaint is that the iTunes Store rental selection is a bit limited. I’ve just seen most of what they’ve got.

The thing Apple was gambling on — that someone like me would be willing to drop $2.99 to watch a movie rather than BitTorrent it illegally — seems to work. I don’t know that I’d have paid for the rental if I didn’t have a gift card, but if I wasn’t broke, I probably would, actually.

I’ll probably rent Jesus Camp next.

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  1. What?! You saw Starship Troopers for the first time, and you don’t review it?!

    In your review, please feel free to completely ignore the existence of the Heinlein novel. The movie’s faults as an adaptation can be taken as a given, but I’d be interested in your opinion of the movie purely on it’s own merits.

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