Mara Triangle

May I recommend that you subscribe to the blog Mara Triangle? It’s written by a cat named Joseph Kimojino, who is the head of tourism and anti-animal harassment for the Mara Conservancy. The Mara Triangle is part of the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, and Kimojino blogs about his team’s efforts to keep poachers (who often shoot at and occasionally hit his rangers) from killing the precious animals therein.

Check it out. It’s an awesome read, from a foot soldier in the war to save the valuable bits of the world from the less-valuable assholes who want to destroy them.

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  1. Joseph Kimojino is one brave man. Poachers are dangerous, know the territory, are excellent shots, and often have the acquiesence of local officials, and are feared or supported by the population. He deserves support and admiration.


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