So I may make the India trip, but not until August or September. I feel so fucking stupid — I’ve flown literally fifty times or more in my life, and I’ve never missed a flight before, ever. I simply misread my itinerary — I was flying from Vegas to Chicago to Delhi, and I read the departure time from Chicago as the departure time from Vegas.

In my own defense, I was completely deranged from sleeplessness and stress — finishing a web project (see below), sorting out a couple of other projects (also see below), packing, sorting everything out…I got a total of ten hours of sleep in the three days before I was supposed to leave. I’m lucky I was able to read it at all.

And, honestly…this is going to sound odd, but I just had a sort of bad feeling about the trip. It wasn’t very well organized and…I dunno, I just felt apprehensive. I don’t know why, but I felt like something bad was going to happen.

I don’t get those sorts of feelings often, but when I do, I’m usually right. I’m not claiming psychic abilities or anything silly like that…but I am right, more often than not.

I still feel dumb, though.

So I’m going to record my vocals instead, for the album, now. Which means it’s almost done. And I’ve got some more info about that blogging thing I mentioned recently, which I should announce soon — probably tomorrow.

Meanwhile, take a look at the Flash header I just designed for Vortex Immersion. I’m rather proud of it — it’s all done in Actionscript 3.0 programmatically, no pre-created movie clips or anything. It loads content dynamically, so the guys at Vortex can just add new video and clips at their leisure.

I hope to be working with these guys more in the near future on other cool projects. And I’ve got another thing coming up which I hope will come together.

Lots of work, but no money. I can’t afford to pay my phone bill, for reasons I don’t want to get into here, so it will remain off for the time being. (Anybody need a couple hundred bucks worth of web/print design? I work quickly and I work well.)

I’m really stressed, but hopeful about these new projects.

And now to haul out my recording gear and try to get at least one song tracked tonight. I think I’m going to try and do “Berlin Floor Show” and “Scarecrow”, since they’re the ones I’ve got melodies and harmonies actually sorted out on.

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  1. “I don’t get those sorts of feelings often, but when I do, I’m usually right. I’m not claiming psychic abilities or anything silly like that…but I am right, more often than not.”

    Hmm. The missing part of this anecdotal evidence is whether bad things happen when you don’t get those premonitions…

    Me, I always have premonitions of doom before a trip. ALWAYS. And I’m not talking about “Oh, I have a bad feeling” premonitions, I mean DOOM, with a capital D-O-O-M. Dread on a scale that would only really be justified by flaming death from above, the passenger next to me is a vector for an exotic incurable disease, “thees plane is going to Koo-bah”, “Dr. Carrot-Top will be performing your surgery”, DOOM.

    Oh, and a nice helping of “I’m sure I forgot something important, but I don’t know what” on the side, of course (which sometimes turns out to come true, but not often).

    Every, Single, Damn, Trip. It’s wearying, I tell yah, and completely pointless, but YOU try telling that to my limbic system.

  2. Hi, I know it’s only a really small project, but would you be willing to design a banner for my Etsy shop? I don’t have the time or the talent. Or the patience. Anyway, have a look at my shop and let me know?

    P.S. I really felt for you when I read about your trip going wrong. I’m sure it will be for the best though.

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