On The Phone Again

I broke down and got a new phone account. Luckily, the security deposit was a helluva lot less than I thought it would be — only $150 — so I now have an AT&T account. I opted for the 900 minute, 200 texts, unlimited data plan, because having push e-mail access on the Nokia futurephone Joe gave me when he upgraded to a BlackBerry is incredibly useful to me. So is the ability to do 3G tethering for my laptop.

But Christ, I wish it was cheaper. After a year of not paying for cell service, I’m feeling the bite.

So if you call my GrandCentral number, you can actually reach me. And if you need my direct number, email me and I’ll send it to you.

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  1. Roxanne and I use Virgin, which actually has an affordable plan that doesn’t screw you over: All you have to buy is $20 of minutes each quarter, and unused minutes roll over.

    This suits our occasional/emergency use pattern rather well.

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