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  • The more social networks come into being, and the more people talk about what it all means, the more I want to chuck all my fucking computers into a bin and go live in the woods. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to be your Magic Special Interwubbie Friend, and I don’t give a burning rat’s ass about your pictures from that party where you got drunk and made out with your BFF. I only use the MySpace to stalk ex-girlfriends and see which one of you was dumb enough to let your password get jacked.
  • One of the worst things about the Internet is that it lets us communicate and share. Know what? I didn’t need to know about Cory Doctorow’s Disney fetish. Really. I used to see Cory at parties, he gave me his old Disney business card, it was cute, I thought it was funny. And that’s ALL. The Internet is the best way to realize that other people we thought were fun and sane are, in fact, creepy obsessives. (Apparently, it does nothing to aid the realization that you yourself are a creepy obsessive, otherwise presumably people would stop. And yes, I like synthesizers. And Lovecraft. You see six posts a day on here with synthesizer paper cutouts and Cthulhu furryporn? No. You don’t.)
  • P2P file sharing really only hurts the sales of the most massively popular media. The long tail ain’t properly represented. Wanna see what I mean? Do a search on The Pirate Bay for Kanye West. Then do a search for, say, Daniel Lanois. Go ahead. I’ll wait. [waiting] You see what I mean? Dozens or more hits for Kanye. But Lanois? One or two torrents, no real seeders – this is gonna take a while. If you’re a discerning patron of music who wants to obtain a copy of Lanois’s For The Beauty Of Wynona, you’d be better off looking on iTunes or Amazon or the man’s own site, where you can purchase a high-quality copy of the album, DRM-free, for a reasonable price. This is also why P2P will never be a viable medium for disseminating media. It relies on the tyranny of the majority. And the majority are fucking retards who thought Graduation was a good album. (The best thing about it was Kanye ripping off Daft Punk. Just buy the fuckin’ Daft Punk album. It’s better.)
  • I’m working on this. Really hard. I’ll have something to announce soon, inshallah.

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  1. Awwww…you don’t want to be my “myspace inter-wubbie teletubby friend?” Damn, and I was going to ask you to add me. I’m going to go cry now. Oh, by the way, I really love Daniel Lanois’s “For the Love of Wynona” I actually bought the cd when it came out…remember when people actually bought cds? Oh, the old days… Take care

  2. Wow. I just purchased the uncompressed .wav version of For The Beauty Of Wynona for $10. Less than a new CD and less than or same as a legal .mp3 elsewhere.

    Still, I could have bought a used CD for about $3. I’m happy to give my money when it goes directly to an artist I respect, but the economics are still way off balance.

    Anyway, thanks for the pointer. I hadn’t known about Lanois site ’til now.

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