When It's Perfect

I finished a new song today. Well, not a new song, precisely, but an older one that I sort of re-worked.

And it’s perfect. The mix is perfect, the notes are perfect, the sound is perfect. It’s precisely what I wanted it to be, no compromises.

I can’t stop listening to it. This is not ego, you dig. This is just “Holy shit, did I actually make this?” Alex listened to it and referred to it as “almost excessively pretty”. It’s simple, but I’ve realized I’m good with simple. Stylistically, it’s got a real “Fake Plastic Trees” vibe going on. And the lyrics have at least one The Invisibles reference.

The song is called “After The Ice Age”. And no, I’m not going to post it here. You’re going to have to buy the album. Which is more than halfway done.

You cut my picture out of the paper And you glued it to your wall You think you finally met someone famous But I’m really no one at all I’d like to move out of this ruin Into a cleaner kind of world You think I love you, but I know better I know you’re not that kind of girl

And I heard voices from the graveyard Chinese whispers from the dead So much memory, so much desire And so much left unsaid And there you sit in cat’s eye glasses With your perfect tiger smile You think I love you, but I know better You were laughing all the while

It doesn’t matter, we’re mad as hatters And the party’s just begun I’ll still be here after the ice age I’ll be staring at the sun You could be my Ragged Robin You could be my heart’s light You think I love you, but I know better But it’s lonely here at night….

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  1. I really enjoyed the poetry of your song. I’ve been doing alot of writing myself and I can relate to the feelings and images you brought out in your words. Thanks for sharing it. So how’s Vegas? I got out of there this past spring and I am living in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM. Lovely. It snowed this morning. Take care of yourself. Lori

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