Interview with Burial

The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music: Article

I don’t know anything about this kind of music, but I love Sam Cooke. I don’t know what it was about his songs, but he’d have some songs, and things on the surface were normal or happy, he’d be singing about having a party, there’s cokes in the iceboxes or whatever, and everything’s glowy, but underneath, it’s like he’s talking about something else, the last party on earth. Something in his voice. I’d rather do something like that than some icy cold electronic music, to try and get a bit of that in it.

This caught my attention, because I feel the same way about the song he’s talking about, “Having A Party”. It’s happy on the surface, but there’s a deep sadness in it, as well. Maybe it’s just the melody/chord progression. I always try to capture that same thing, to various degrees.

Burial’s newest album, Untrue, is pretty amazing. You should track it down, if you like electronic music.

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