Twitter is my mook

I had an idea for an application a while back, inspired by something from one Bruce Sterling novel or another. The Mook was going to be a chatbot that you could install, which would pretend — in a very limited fashion — to be you if you didn’t want to / couldn’t IM but wanted people to be able to get certain information. The Mook would tell people where you were, what you were doing, and — if they were on a certain list — your contact info.

Now we have Twitter. Which obviates the need for such a thing.

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  1. It would still be nice to have something that would twitter for me. It’s a real bitch remembering to twitter on a consistent basis. It’s like blogging, I end up going through stretches with nothing. If something was automatically updating my twitter stream, it would be more useful. I guess I could outsource my life to India and have them twitter for me.

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