Scatterlings + Refugees: Digital Single

Go here. Download freely. Feel free to use the ‘Donate’ button — I’m asking for 99 cents, but it’s definitely optional.

And please, please, please: if you like it, link to it. Link to it everywhere. Digg it. Reddit it. Facebook it. MySpace it. Blog it. Everywhere you can.

I want people to hear this. I had three people tonight tell me it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and one person tell me it made them cry, and if that’s true, it needs to be out there in the world.

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  1. If and when you release it on a cd, you should put the slower guitar version on there as a bonus track. The song works very well in both versions.

  2. Like the vocal mix, the beat is perfect. The slower guitar is just as good, ’cause the guitar is well recorded: the pick sound on the strings is crisp and moves the song along like the drums. Couldn’t download it because of a hitch in the firewall, which I’ve fixed. There is something Bryan Ferryish about the higher range of vocals, ca the Avalon years. . .

  3. I know I’m very late to this party, but I got around to listening to this and the earlier demo version. I like this version better. A lot. It reminded me of something and it took me a while to track down what it was: ‘Cecilia’ by Simon and Garfunkle. The similarities are mostly superficial, of course, and diminish in any case as both songs progress, but it’s there.

  4. Josh, have you fiddled with the Red State Soundsystem page, or does it just need Flash? I’m trying to find a way to link to Scatterlings and Refugees…

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