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Testing WordPress app

Testing the newest version of the WordPress iPhone app.

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Where I've Been

Sorry I haven’t updated in so very long. The long and short is: I’ve been (and am still) very, very busy. I can finally, hopefully, pay my bills, but I am working all the time now. I am: Doing web … Continue reading

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Introducing the new work blog!

If you’re curious, pop on over to my new work blog and check it out. Not much doing there so far — considering I just put it up today — but there should be good stuff coming up soon. I’ll … Continue reading

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Summing Up The Year

So I know I’ve been terribly remiss in posting on Zenarchery these past few months. It has not been a good year for me. Long and short of it is just mostly money issues, some of which seem to be … Continue reading

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If you’re viewing this on the RSS, Zenarchery’s been remodeled again. Entirely new layout and new look-n-feel.

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Portfolio 2.0

So I just re-did my portfolio in HTML, rather than Flash. Check it out.

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New Portfolio!

My new portfolio is up. Lemme know what you think. It was a massive undertaking, most of it programming.

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Random Acts of Senseless Interview

I’m currently conducting an email interview with Jack Womack, author of Random Acts Of Senseless Violence, one of the books that inspired the whole Grim Meathook Future thing. Look for it soon. Other cool stuff going on — I’ll post … Continue reading

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All Zenarchery Posts Will Now Have The Word 'Fuck' In The Title

Including this one. (I don’t know why, really. I’ve just got a potty mouth today.)

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I got heartily sick of reading yellow text on a dark red background, so I’ve given Zenarchery the excellent Cutline theme, and added some functionality to it. If you’re on the RSS feed, check it out.

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