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  1. A few thoughts (most of which are me pissing and moaning about inconsequentia, which ought to be a word even if it isn’t).

    The “exposé” button (for want of something better to call it) takes a few seconds to work the first time I click it, which actually means that I thought it didn’t do anything and was puzzled.

    Because you start off “zoomed in” (to the “portfolio” part), it didn’t occur to me that I could zoom out at all. I clicked “right” until I got to the far right edge, and then the right-arrow stopped doing anything, and I thought: now, hang on, Ellis has done more than these five things I’ve just seen, where’s the rest of it? and so tried the down arrow, lo, revealing more stuff…but by that time I didn’t know that I was navigating around a big square, and so had no idea what was going on. Until I found the “exposé” button, as above. Maybe…make inactive arrows a bit greyer or invisible or something so you can see which direction to go in? Or start off showing the whole thing and then after half a second automatically zoom in to the “portfolio” bit, so people get that they’re zoomed in to a grid of stuff?

    Really whiny complaint: the whole thing is just a tiny bit taller than my browser. My screen res is 1280×800, which I don’t think is unusual, and I haven’t got extra toolbars turned on. If it was only 550 pixels high instead of 600 it’d fit perfectly and I wouldn’t get a vertical scrollbar, and neither would other people with that res.

    You are the only person I know who would make me think: did he write “architectures + empires” on the side of that building with Photoshop, or did he actually go and spray-paint the fucker on in fifteen-foot letters to get a good album cover?

    The bottom row only having two things in it means that you can scroll off the bottom of columns 3-5 and just get whiteness, which is confusing. Still, that’s what happens when you’ve done 22 things, I suppose. Maybe make it auto-scroll to the left until it hits a slot with something in it? Make up three other projects? Put a big artistic left-pointing arrow in each of those three slots? Organising them as 11×2 would work right up until you’ve done a prime number of things, and 23 is next.

    I wish I had artistic talent. Bastard.

    Oh, and obligatory Flash whinge, not that you give a fuck 🙂

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