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Introducing the new work blog!

If you’re curious, pop on over to my new work blog and check it out. Not much doing there so far — considering I just put it up today — but there should be good stuff coming up soon. I’ll … Continue reading

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"Monster Fashion" video

Jarret Keene asked me to make some videos for the spoken-word pieces on his album Monster Fashion. This is the first one, the title track. The clips are made up of bits of things from the Prelinger archives and YouTube … Continue reading

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A word of advice…

…if you are ever invited to do paying work for the City of Las Vegas, DON’T DO IT. I still haven’t been able to get paid for my performance at November’s First Friday. I think I will categorically refuse to … Continue reading

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David Byrne Journal: 12.18.08: No More News

Interesting post about the dearth of serious journalism by David Byrne. (I love David Byrne.) We tend to get all holier-than-thou when we look at countries without free press. We think their lives must somehow be more pathetic or sad. … Continue reading

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Went for a long walk, looking for my friend Gary to find out exactly what happened to Barb. Couldn’t find him. Decided not to walk all the way to Starbucks, got a Diet Dr. Pepper from the 7-11 instead and … Continue reading

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Jesus hell.

Oh, man. I just found out my old friend Barbara Rollins committed suicide. I’m off the computer for the night. I’m gonna walk to all night Starbucks and get coffee. Don’t ask me any details; I don’t know anything other … Continue reading

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New track – "Redwood City Station"

I’m currently building a mini-site for Red State Soundsystem, as my old band site is on an expired web account (not mine, long story)…but for now, here’s something new: a total reworking of my older song “Redwood City Station”. It … Continue reading

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Snow video

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Snowing In Vegas


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Sam Cooke @ Daily Mojo

I’ve written an appreciation of Sam Cooke, with some MP3s, over on the Daily Mojo. Please do check it out, as I think it’s a good piece. And if you don’t know Sam Cooke, check it out immediately. You’ll thank … Continue reading

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