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Seed: The Reality Tests Testing locality and realism in quantum mechanics. Amazing. (tags: physics article thoughtcloud) Nassim Nicholas Taleb: the prophet of boom and doom – Times Online Must remember to read his book BLACK SWAN one of these days. (tags: economics philosophy article) Apple – Trailers – Gonzo – Trailer God, I miss Hunter […]

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Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82 – New York Times (tags: obituary art) Phil Spector recording engineer Larry Levine dies – Yahoo! News Two influential artists with alliterative names (one more famous than another) die on the same day. Levine was the guy who actually created the Wall of Sound for […]

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Nemeton – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Celtic culture, a nemeton was a sacred grove used on occasion for performing ritual animal sacrifices, and other such rituals. The grove itself might be personified as Nemetona, attested in votive and founding inscriptions. The word may be traced in th (tags: writing thoughtcloud notes) a456: The Anti-Architecture […]

links for 2008-05-06

Create Digital Music » Chiptune Music Theft Continues; Crystal Castles Abuses Creative Commons License This is actually important. Crystal Castles are misusing Creative Commons-licensed music without attribution or compensation for commercial sales. (tags: music creative-commons intellectual-property) The Screening Room’s top ten songs in movies – Good picks. My top additions: Sigur Ros’s “Njosnavelin” at […]