Wishful Beginnings.

I started Zenarchery a very, very long time ago: the first version of the site went up, I believe, in 1998. Back then I had no idea about “weblog” software, so I wrote my own, which allowed me to make very simple HTML posts.

Over the last few years, the site has stagnated, as I’ve turned to other outlets for my ranting (mainly Twitter). But it occurs to me that it might be interesting to someone out there for me to resume cataloging my daily ideas, interests and links.

So here’s my New Year’s resolution: to try and write something here at least once a day, even if it’s only a single thought or link; specifically, something I haven’t posted anywhere else.

Here goes: I’m currently deeply fascinated by the idea of micropower: systems for self-generating electrical energy (usually in small amounts). This could be solar panels, windmills, or kinetically-generated power, like hand-cranked generators.

My current interest began with this:

This light can be charged by pulling down on a weighted cord, which I assume turns a dynamo or something similar to power the LED within. One pull equals a half-hour of light. Other devices can also be powered from this gravity light, like cellphones. (I’m interested in what they’re using to store the power — a normal deep-charge battery will lose its charging ability if it’s partially charged extremely often. My guess is a shallow-charge battery, like a car uses, or some sort of capacitance system. But that’s a guess.)

I’ve been looking at ways to modify car alternators to be human-powered as well; more to come on that soon.

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