At Least Sometimes

So this girl comes over and asks you to dance She’s a warm refugee from the cold middle class And you wanna take her home and sing her All your love songs But you feel so awkward and stupid and lame That you can’t even manage to spit out your name And she walks away disappointed And you walk away with your heart on

With your heart on your sleeve ‘Cause you’d love to believe That in love it is better To give than receive That someone’s waiting for you in the night Yeah, you’d love to believe that forever and ever Is not just some poet being clever That everything will all work out alright

At least sometimes

So you stumble back to your sad little room And your roommate laughs, ’cause you’re home so soon And you crumble in about a thousand little ways And you watch all the movies on late night TV About people in places you’d rather be Falling for each other As the soaring music plays

And nobody goes for the kiss too soon And everything’s lit by the glow of the moon And when he calls She answers the phone And nothing ever ends in regret For the words that were spoken Or weren’t spoken yet And nobody ever Ends up alone

At least sometimes

So this girl comes over and tries to be cool But she’s stumbling over her words like a fool And you slowly realize, And you start to smile…

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