I finally see the point of Second Life

God, that’s pretty. And apparently, outside of the camera vignette, this was actually recorded in Second Life; it actually looks like this.

This fulfills a lot of dreams I had a long time ago, when I wanted to build virtual worlds that were explorable art pieces. Mescaline’s View: Watch “Pipedream”, and Get the WindLight Preset It Was Made In

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  1. Oh! I love that house!! You can get lost for hours in there! ^^ It was exposed at the SL5B this summer. And I own one of the hyper cute pet that guy made! ^^

    Hey! If you still need some showing around in SL it would be my pleasure to take you to some places I find freaking sweet! 🙂

  2. SecondLife is great, but I will be more pleased when a high quality (ie. high resolution) HMD is on the market at an affordable price. I’ve not been in SecondLife much this past year. I went there about a week ago for the first time in a couple of months. I think more people will also “get” SecondLife once they’re looking “IN” there, rather that looking “AT” there. The HMD is what is going to complete the interface. The game is already HMD compliant, BTW. If you have goggles, SecondLife supports stereoscopic video output. But all the consumer grade displays are still only 800×600 or even 640×480, and the commercial grade units are still thousands of dollars, or more like tens-of-thousands. Hopefully the competition between Vuzix and Myvu will soon drive resolution up while keeping prices down.

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