"Dark Miracle" in Coilhouse Issue 2!

I thought y’all would like to know that my Trinity piece, “Dark Miracle“, is actually seeing print, in Issue #2 of the fabulous magazine Coilhouse, available now! I haven’t gotten my contributor’s copy yet, but the little bits of proofing I’ve seen make it look awesome. So if you like the piece, order the magazine and check it out. (You should order it anyway. Coilhouse is amazing. Zo and Meredith and Nadya are doing an incredible job over there.) I’ve got another piece in this issue as well, a conversation with my old friend R.U. Sirius about cyberpunk and futurism and how he helped me get girls when I was a teenager.

So go to it.

[Full disclosure: I didn’t receive any payment for Coilhouse using the piece. As far as I’m concerned, y’all paid me for the piece a long time ago; I just wanted to see it in print somewhere, and I’m glad it’s in Coilhouse, which is shaping up to fill the void Mondo 2000 left a decade ago. It’s an awesome mag.)

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